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St Patrick's Church - Celebration. 150 years. 'A Journey of Faith'
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Welcome to the genealogy site of the town and surrounding area of Bandon, Co Cork.  This site is being put together to help those researching their roots specifically in and around Bandon.  It is provided free of charge to the users.  Additions to the site will be on-going and we will endeavour to mention these on our blog. 

We are always happy to receive contributions of historical or genealogical interest for the Bandon area.  Please email us at with any suggestions or additions that you may have.

Copies of many of the Bandon church records are held at THE WEST CORK HERITAGE CENTRE which is located in the former Church of Ireland - Christchurch on North Main Street, Bandon, Co Cork.  Advertised opening hours for the year are as follows:-
1st May, 2015 - 30th September, 2015  10am to 5pm. Visits may be possible outside these times but you will need to contact John Hurley to arrange a day and time. Please note that we are not part of this centre nor are we closely connected to the Bandon Historical Journals though we can provide copies. Payment for journals is via paypal.

Our first publication entitled 'The Tresilian Family of County Cork - Landowners and Bandon Merchants' is now available on Amazon.  We have inserted the chapters and index on this site.  The Tresilians married into well known Bandon families such as the Pophams, Sullivans, Allmans, Belchers, Bernards, Seymours, Jenkins and Jagoes.

If you need accommodation in Bandon whilst researching your ancestors, one of us who compiles this site also runs Kilbrogan House Bed and Breakfast

Use our search to help you.  Unfortunately, it does not necessarily pick up all search information so you will also need to browse through the site.  we hope you find our on-going project useful!

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Bandon leases and tenancies
Bandonbridge Survey of 1717 (section one)
Bandonbridge Survey of 1717 (section two)

Bandon Property Holders List 1837
Bandon Poor Law Electoral Lists 1844

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