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a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Marriage at St Anne's, Cork City - Church of Ireland

14th June, 1818.  Jane Duke married John Mountjoy (MLB Montjoy and Duck)

14th October, 1828.  Thomas Duke married Mary Coveney by licence.

13th October, 1829.  John Hayes married Mary Anne Duke by banns

13th October, 1829.  William Knowles married Rebecca Duke by banns.

28th August, 1832.  John Duke married Mary Phair by banns.

4th November, 1832.  Samuel Duke married Jane Neil by banns.

22nd February, 1835.  Jane Duke married John William Buckley.


Marriage at St Finbarre's, Cork City - Church of Ireland

2nd July 1796.  Amelia Duke married Jeremiah Murry by licence.


Marriage at St Nicholas, Cork City - Church of Ireland

9th September, 1842.  William Lisson of Bandon married Mary Duke.


Marriage at Murragh - Church of Ireland

9th February, 1832 John Duke of Lisnamony, Murragh married Alice Hosford of Rough Grove, Kilbrogan by licence.

Marriage at Murragh and Templemartin - Catholic Church
ara Duke and James Droney on 8th October, 1843.  W. William Duke (husband) and Mary Duke (wife)


Marriages at Kinneigh - Church of Ireland

29th May, 1815.  John Duke married Sarah Connell, both of parish of Kinneigh.


Marriages at Christ Church, Kilbrogan - Church of Ireland

Amelia Duke (a minor) and Peter Cocker on 29th November, 1757 by licence.

Edward Duke and Amelia Clerke by banns on 29th December, 1795.

Charles Duke and Catherine Duke by banns on 10th March, 1813

Amelia Duke and John Cole by banns. 2nd June 1816.

Edward Duke and Margaret Ellis by banns on 13th May 1818.

John Duke and Jane Hayes by banns on 1st February 1820.

Edward Duke of Duncan St, Cork, bachelor and Hannah Forde of Kilbrogan, spinster by licence on 2nd Jan 1845.

Thomas Duke, full age, bachelor, butcher, of Barretts Hill, Kilbrogan, son of Edward, Butcher on 20th December 1849 to Mary Aldworth, full age, spinster of Barretts Hill, Kilbrogan, daughter of Thomas, weaver, by banns.  Witness.  Richard Carthy and William Aldworth.

Marriage at Kilmichael - Catholic Church
Sally Duke and Peter Creedan on 17th february, 1824.  W.  Thomas Good and Sally Lannin.

Marriage at Cork City -  St Peter and Paul Catholic Church
Eliza Duke of 10 Austins Lane and Henry Norton on 19th November, 1874.  W. Thomas Coffey and Margaret Hogan
Elizabeth Duke of 3 Fishamble Lane and Thomas Coffey of 3 Ballard Lane, Cork on 16th June 1872.  W. Catherine & Denis Leahy
Rachel Duke of 3 Fishamble Lane and J. Horton on 17th August, 1872.  W.  Elizabeth Coffey & Johanna Leahy
Catherine Duke and D. Leahy of 3 Fishamble Lane on 22nd October, 1871.  W. Thomas Coffey & Maria Hurly
Ellen Duke of 7 Liberty St and Henry Sheehan of 38 Evergreen St on 25th June 1877.  W. Terence Norton & Mary Braid.

Marriage at Cork -  South Parish Catholic Church
Amelia Duke of Maypole Road and Richard Fitzgerald on 22nd July 1804.  W. C. Donovan. C. Murphy. J. Sheehy


Marriages -  Cork area - Marriage Licence Bonds
ohn Duke and Margaret Dunn in 1665 (Cork Marriage Licence Bond) - Name of Groom appears also as Manheer as observed in some Christ Church Kilbrogan entries for Duke.
Eliza Duke and William Anglin in 1842 (Cork Marriage Licence Bond) - Anglins were mostly Methodist.
Sarah Duke and John Anglin in 1837  (Cork Marriage Licence Bond)
Jane Duke and John William Buckley in 1835 (Cork Marriage Licence Bond)


Marriages - Cork area.  Known but not yet located in parish records.
Edward Duke married Mary ?.   Early 1700s.  Bandon area.
William Duke and Ellen Connor - mid 1800s.  Catholic marriage.
Joseph Duke and Mary Lynch - mid 1800s.  Catholic marriage
William Duke and Norry Carthy - ca 1840s - Catholic marriage.  Possibly Enniskeane/Murragh
Catherine Duke and Ned Donegan - Catholic marriage.  Possibly Kilmichael ca 1800.