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Death at Murragh Parish - Church of Ireland

August 26, 1785.  Emery Duke, wife of William, woolcomber, parish of Kinneigh, aged 78.

10th January, 1795.  William Duke of the parish of Murragh.

17th February, 1801.  Elizabeth Duke

27th April, 1802.  Catherine Duke,

2nd August, 1806.  Mrs William Duke

5th September 1829. William Duke of Murragh aged 8.

14th May 1837.  Anne Duke, new graveyard, aged 80

24th April, 1839.  Catherine Duke, new graveyard, aged 26


Deaths at Kinneigh Parish - Church of Ireland

March, 1852.  Edward Duke of Farnmareen, Kinneigh

2nd July, 1853.  John Duke, son of William of Kinneigh aged 25.


Deaths at Christ Church, Kilbrogan - Church of Ireland

5th March, 1709.  Joseph Duke, son of Joseph

6th August, 1713.  Rebecca Duke daughter of Thomas

7th January, 1714.  Thomas Duke, son of Thomas

31st January, 1715.  Thomas Duke, senior

9th February, 1718.  Benjamin Duke, son of Thomas

17th September, 1718.  Isaac Duke, son of Thomas

2nd January, 1719.  Moses Duke, son of Thomas

25th December, 1722.  John Duke, son of Thomas

16th August, 1723.  Joseph Duke, Son of Joseph

4th January, 1724.  Mary Duke, daughter of Thomas

14th April, 1728.  Thomas Duke

31st January, 1730.  Sarah Duke, widow.

25th February, 1778.  Jeremy Gale gave Dr B. for ye Burryall of Tom Duke the victualler 4/-

11th July, 1789.  William Duke, son of John

6th August, 1791.  Josh Duke, son of Samuel

7th July, 1794.  Eliza Duke, daughter of John

20th January, 1800.  Samuel Duke, son of Samuel

19th March, 1802.  Rebecca Duke

28th April, 1804.  Thomas Duke, son of Thomas

10th May, 1805.  Richard Duke

5th May, 1808.  Mary Duke, aged 105 years**   See below.  Relict of Edward

26th November, 1813.  John Duke

20th November, 1814.  John Duke

9th January, 1816.  Lucy Duke

3rd July, 1817.  Elizabeth Duke, wife of John

23rd March, 1819,  Edward Duke, son of John

12th December, 1819.  Sarah Duke

16th March, 1821.  Mary Duke

11th April 1824.  Edward Duke

14th January, 1825.  Sarah Duke of Cork

7th September, 1825.  Richard Duke

30th January, 1827.  Thomas Duke of Cork

24th May, 1827.  John Duke of Cork

13th April, 1828.  Eliza Duke from Cork

8th November, 1832.  Mrs Jane Duke

16th January, 1834.  Edward Duke, aged 68

21st September 1834.  Samuel Duke, aged 76

March, 1837.  Alice Duke, Infant.

14th November, 1837.  Sarah Duke, aged 38

4th July, 1838.  Jane Duke, aged 77

14th July, 1842.  Edward Duke, aged 72

19th January, 1843.  Rebecca Duke, daughter of William and Margaret, infant.

16th October, 1844.  Hannah Duke of Barretts Hill, aged 61

7th May, 1847.  Emily Duke of Barretts Hill, aged 84

7th July 1847.  Jane Duke of North Main Street, aged 1 year

28th September, 1847.  Joseph Duke of North Main Street, aged 52

23rd May 1855.  Duke ? of Cork

5th April, 1861.  Fanny Duke of Kilbrogan Street, aged 40

1st July, 1873.  Mary Hanna Duke of Barretts Hill, aged 1 1/2

26th November 1876.  Thomas Duke of Watergate, aged 9 months.

completed up to 1877.




William Duke.  1st March 1916.  Probate of the will of William Duke, late of Carhoon East, Bandon, Co Cork and of Deerpark, Lismore, Co Waterford, Farmer who died 1st January 1916 granted at Cork to Mary Anne Duke, Spinster.  Effects.  3,100.

Newpaper Extract

Cork Mercantile Chronicle:  4th May 1808.  Death of Mrs Mary Duke, relict of the late Edward Duke of Bandon, aged 105 years, she enjoyed the happiness of seeing 177 of her children, grand children and great grand children and was perfect in her intellect to the last moment.