BANDON GENEALOGY                        

a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland



Kilbrogan Marriages

Date     Surname Husband Father Surname Wife Father  
1834 Nov 25 Horneybrook Edward   Bradfield Sarah   by licence
1820 Aug 22 Hornibrook Edward   Burchill Frances   by banns
1835 Nov 17 Hornibrook John, Esq   Gillman Mary   by licence
1840 Sept 3 Hornibrook William   Good Anne   by licence
1870     Hornibrook Thomas son of Thomas Connor Mary  Timothy  
1877     Hornibrook Daniel son of Edward Hurley Mary John  
1877     Hornibrook James son of Michael Shannon Eliza Joseph  
1761 Nov 11 Good Philip   Hornibrook Mary      
1799 Oct 26 Bickford  Philip Peterson   Hornibrook Jane of this parish of Kilbrogan by licence  
1806 Jan 28 Dudley Richard   Hornibrook Ann   by banns  
1821 Oct 16 Lee Gervaise   Hornibrook Mary   by banns  
1829 Dec 22 Wood Samuel, MD   Hornibrook Emily Browne   by licence  
1849 Nov 22 Teape John aged 29, bachelor, schoolmaster of Ballinadee, son of John, shoemaker Hornibrook Amelia aged 19, spinster of Calatrim, daughter of James, farmer by licence Thomas Hornibrook, William Abbot
1887     Tripp Wolcot Curgenven son of Benjamin Nankivell Hornibrook Charlotte Anne daughter of Thomas    
1861 Dec 5 Carthy William full age, bachelor, carpenter of Derrycool, son of Daniel, carpenter Hornybrook Abigail full age, spinster of Callatrim, daughter of Edward, farmer by licence Edward Hornibrook, James McCarthy

Brinny Marriages

Jan 02,1821 John T Hornibrook Rockfort.+ Ellenor Wiseman Annville.+ like cause
Apr 02,1826 Edward Hornibrook Templemartin Emma Baily this p. Banns
Feb 27,1827 John Hornibrook Kilpatrick Anne Lisson L.
Aug 04,1804 William Sullivan   Jane  Hornibrook  
Jun 12,1808 William Joyce   Mary Hornibrook Robt Hoare Curate
Jun 10,1809 John C. Swanton C=Clarke Jane  Hornibrook by License
Aug 14,1809 Thomas Varian   Elizabeth Hornibrook by License
Jan 04,1823 William Coombs Schoolmaster+ Abigail Hornibrook d.John,Kilpatrick.L.
Jan 19,1836 Richard Payne Moskeagh.SchMs Margaret Hornibrook Kilpatrick
Oct 01,1844 Joseph R. Wiseman WhiteChurch.Gent Margaret W Hornibrook Rockfort,Brinny

Rathclaren Marriages

22/4/1787 Hornibrook Michael Bayly Martha