a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Number of Families 445              
Number of Individuals 2225              
Names of Presbyterian Families               
Number of Families - 20                
Allman George              
Dowden John              
Allman William              
Smith Thomas              
Dowden George              
Sweeny Edward              
Allman Rob              
Hudson John              
Rest of names difficult to read              
Schools in the parish                
Protestant Boys School                
Girls School                
Infant School                
Names and Addresses                
Castle Road 1 French Sam          
Castle Road   Roycroft David          
Castle Road   Roycroft Hannah wife Note for all:  In Kilbrogan  
Castle Road   Roycroft Joseph son        
Castle Road   Roycroft Anne Daughter        
Castle Road   Roycroft William          
Castle Road   Roycroft Eliza          
Same House   Conroy Robert          
  Conroy Eliza wife        
  Conroy Catherine          
Castle Road 3 Bruce Jonathan          
  Bruce Ellen wife dead      
  Bruce Jonathan son        
  Bruce Ellen daughter married to Oldham    
  Bruce William          
  Bruce John 16        
  Bruce Thomas 14 WD      
  Bruce Ralph 8        
  Bruce Anne 5        
  Coombs John dead        
Castle Road 4 Hill Rev B.C.          
  Hill Mrs          
  Hill Catherine gone        
  Hill Eliza          
Castle Road 5 Dujon Mr sp?        
  Dujon Mrs gone        
  Dujon Thomas son 11      
  Dujon Mira daughter 8      
  Dugnt infant   1      
Castle Road 6 Applebe Aby dead        
  Applebe Anne wife        
  Applebe Mary daughter 3      
  Morton M.A. 10 could be Marston    
  Morton Sarah 5        
  Morton Thomas 7        
Castle Road 7 Gosnel Mrs          
  Gosnel James son gone to Ballineen    
Castle Road 8 Leonard J. married to Mrs Hogg -Pilz?        
      wife ?        
  Dawson Mary 4 niece      
Castle Road 9 Massey James could be Harvey   pensioner    
  Massey wife RC        
Castle Road 10 Brangan Sally          
  Brangan Edward nephew        
  Brangan Richard nephew        
  Hegarty Sally niece        
Castle Road 11 Goring William dead ?      
  Goring Mary          
Castle Road 12 Hogg Mary widow married to John Leonard  
  Hogg Frances L 16        
  Hogg Richard 11 Bandonbridge    
  Hogg William 4 Infant School    
  (John at Carew under Protestant Orphan Society)        
  same house            
  Johnson Mrs          
  Flatley Eliza niece gone      
  Flatley James nephews gone      
  Flatley Gerrard nephews gone      
  Elliott Betty servant gone      
Castle Road 13 Baker John          
  Baker Sarah wife        
  Baker Robert son        
  Baker John son        
  Baker Jonas 8 Infant School    
  Baker Mary 5 Infant School    
  Baker Sally 2        
  Blair Mr gone        
  Blair wife gone        
  Blair sons gone        
Castle Road 17 Johnson Thomas dead        
  Johnson Mary wife        
  same house            
  Kelly James gone        
  Kelly ellen wife        
  Kelly Anne daughter 5      
  Kelly Phillip son 2      
Castle Road 19 Tanner George sexton        
  Tanner Anne wife        
  Tanner George son        
  Tanner William Appointed to Harte        
  Tanner Robert 11 Bandonbridge    
  Tanner WIlliam father dead      
  Tanner Sarah 15        
  Smith widow dead ? To Tanner    
  Fleming William lodgers        
  Sullivan Thomas lodgers        
Castle Road 14 Wade Denis Rice dead        
  Wade Anne          
  Wade James dead        
  Wade Charles appointed to T opposite Church        
  Wade Catherine 13        
  Wade Harriet 11        
Castle Road 15 Wright Ben          
  Wright Hestor wife        
  Wright Catherine no school! 15      
  Wright Jane   14      
Castle Road 16 Knowles Thomas          
  Thornton Mary widow dead      
  Geary Eliza granddaughter to Knowles gone      
Castle Road 18 Heywood Joshua could be Kynes - sp        
  Heywood Mary wife        
  Heywood Joshua   4      
  Heywood Mary   3      
  Heywood Richard   1 1/4      
  same house            
  Good John          
  Good Mary wife        
Castle Road 20 Atkins John clerk        
  Atkins Anne wife        
  Atkins William          
  Atkins Thomas B.S. 15      
  Atkins John B.S. 13      
  Atkins Ben B.S. 9      
  Atkins Henry R.I.S. 4      
  Atkins Kitty R.I.S. 2      
  Atkins Richard R.I.S. 1      
  Same house            
  Parrott Henry shoe maker        
  Parrott Isabella wife        
  Parrott Isabella daughter RIS 3      
  Parrott Henry   1      
  ? John   15      
Castle Road 21 Blashford James          
  Blashford Ellen wife        
  Blashford William BS 10      
  Blashford Edward Infant School 7      
  Blashford Sally Infant School 5      
  Blashford Mary   2 gone to kilbrogan  
Castle Road 23 Philips Mary widow        
  Philips Eliza daughter.  Maried to Clune?        
Castle Road 25 Toomy Michael dead sp ?      
  Toomy Catherine daughter        
  Toomy Richard son dead      
  Creech Martha   15      
  same house            
  Hodges Jonathan          
  Hodges Elizabeth wife        
  Hodges Joseph RIS        
  Hodges Sally   18      
  Hodges Mary   11      
  Hodges Thomas BS 8      
  Hodges William   4      
Castle Road 27 McCormick Widow          
  McCormick Jonathan son        
  McCormick Isabella RIS 15      
  same house            
  Maloney James          
  Maloney Sally wife        
  Maloney Stephen son 10      
  Maloney Sarah   5      
Castle Road 29 Hudson Thomas          
  Hudson Elizabeth          
  Hudson John          
  Hudson William          
  Hudson Mary   12      
  Hudson Richard BS 9      
  Hudson Stephen Infant School 7      
  Hudson Frederick Infant School 5      
  Hudson Aine sp? 2      
Castle Road 22 Wheyland William sp?        
  Wheyland Agnes wife        
  Wheyland Eliza          
  Wheyland Anna          
  Wheyland William BS 10      
Castle Road 24 Buttimer Anne Widow        
  Buttimer Eliza          
  Buttimer Anne          
  Buttimer Mary RSS 14      
  Buttimer John WD 12      
  Buttimer William WD 10      
  Buttimer Abraham WD 8      
  Buttimer Dora RIS 5      
Castle Road 26 Leonard Richard slater        
  Leonard Thomas BS 15      
  Leonard Jane gone to America 14      
  Leonard Jeremiah   11      
  Leonard Anne   9      
  Leonard Betsy sp?  RIS 6      
  same house            
  Reilly James gone to kilbrogan        
  Reilly Mary wife dead      
Castle Road 28 Warner John          
  Warner Thomasina wife        
  Warner William BS 9      
  Warner Sarah GS 7      
  Warner Eliza Infant School 4      
  Warner Arthur   2      
  Warner Robert   4mo      
  Warner Robert Brother        
  Maynard Widow in law        
Castle Road 30 Kelly Thomas good        
  Kelly Elizabeth wife        
  Kelly Mary GS 10      
Castle Road 21 William sp ?  Mary sister  Anne mother dead      
Castle Road 32 Rice Henry          
  Rice Mary wife        
  Rice Joseph BS 15      
  Rice Jane GS 11      
  Rice May GS 7      
  Rice Anne   3      
  Rice John   5      
  Rice Henry   1      
  Rice Joseph father        
  gone to England          
Castle Road 33 Carbery William          
  Carbery Bess Wife        
  Carbery Eliza          
  Carbery Jane          
  Carbery Mary          
  Carbery Anne          
  Carbery Abraham   12      
  Carbery Jane mother dead      
Castle Road 34 Purdy Charles dead        
  Purdy Mary wife        
Castle Road 35 Jennings William          
  Jennings Frances wife        
  Jennings Barnabas BS 18      
  Jennings Jane   16      
  Jennings John BS 12      
  Jennings George BS 10      
  Jennings Fanny GS 8      
  Jennings Margaret Infant School 5      
  Jennings Catherine   2 1/2      
  Jennings William   1 week      
Castle Road 36 Burchill Mary   dead      
    ? grandchildren 9 their parents in England
    Richard grandchild  6      
Castle Road 37 Philipps John   gone all gone    
  Philipps Mary Anne wife        
  Philipps Susan   4      
  Philipps Mary Anne   2 1/2      
Castle Road 38 Cassidy John Carpenter   all gone to America  
  Cassidy Anne wife        
  Cassidy Rosanna G.S. 10      
  Cassidy Richard B.S 8      
  Cassidy Jonathan BS 6      
  Cassidy John IS 3      
  Cassidy Sarah   1/2      
Castle Road 39 Brangan Marmaduke          
  Brangan Mary wife        
  Brangan Ja… daughter        
  Brangan Marmaduke BS 11      
Castle Road 40 Phillips John   dead      
  Phillips Harriet          
Castle Road 41 Maynard Thomas          
  Maynard Sally GS 7      
  Maynard Betty          
Castle Road 42 Howes John          
  Howes Enisha wife   gone to England  
  Howes George BS 10      
  Howes Edward BS 8      
  Howes Jane IS 6      
  Howes Adelaide IS 4      
  Howes William   3 mo      
  same house            
  Dawson Betty          
  Dawson Eliza grandchildren 3      
  Dawson Kitty grandchildren 1      
  Leonard Nancy          
Castle Road 43 Grant D     gone    
  Grant Eliza wife        
  same house            
  Hayes John          
  Hayes Anne          
  Hayes Sally          
  Hayes ? BS 16      
  Hayes Joseph IS 5      
Castle Road 44 Burchill John          
  Burchill Susan wife   dead    
  Burchill Jane mother   dead    
  same house            
  Cassidy Mary widow        
Castle Road 45 Patterson John          
  Patterson Mary wife   dead    
  same house            
  Stukely James          
  Stukely Jane wife        
Castle Road 46 McDaniel Jeremiah ropemaker        
  McDaniel bess wife        
  McDaniel Jeremiah   13      
  McDaniel Michael BS 11      
  McDaniel John BS 8      
  McDaniel Thomas IS 6      
  McDaniel William Henry   1      
  McDaniel Elizabeth mother        
Castle Road 47 Stawell Rev     dead    
  same house            
  O'Donohoe Mrs Roman Catholic        
Artillery Barracks 58 Rice John          
  Rice Catherine wife        
  Rice James Father        
Artillery Barracks 59 Burchill Richard     all gone to America  
  Burchill Eliza wife        
  Burchill Joseph IS 5      
  Burchill John   2      
Artillery Barracks 60 Robinson George     all gone to Kilbrogan  
  Robinson wife Roman Catholic        
  Robinson William IS 6      
  Robinson Jane IS 5